Words by Charlie Gallienne-Schmidt

Ah, the humble meeting room. It’s where ideas are born, where plans are hatched, and where at least one person is always unsure if they should bring snacks. But let’s face it, finding a free-of-charge meeting room in a normal workspace can be as elusive as catching a unicorn doing the cha-cha. That’s why, we’re here to celebrate the unsung hero of our buildings. The free meeting room! 

Yes that is correct. You will never need to pay for a meeting room ever if you’re a member of Sandbox Workspace. 

Why are FREE meeting rooms important? Well we think they are everything and without them we believe all those other workspaces out there completely undermine what they are even doing in the first place. Facilitating good work. 

Have you ever tried brainstorming in a bustling open office space? It’s like trying to compose a symphony during a rock concert. But in a free meeting room, you have the luxury of privacy. No more worrying about coworkers eavesdropping on your genius ideas or, worse yet, your terrible karaoke renditions of ’80s power ballads.

Imagine having to go to the coffee shop for every meeting? The aroma of freshly ground beans, the dulcet tones of the milk frother, and the barista who knows your name. But let’s be real, it’s not all lattes and laptop stickers. It’s also cramped tables, spotty Wi-Fi, and the ever-present fear of your neighbour’s loud conference call about stock portfolios.

Here’s an example of why you need free meeting rooms in your workspace. Picture this, you’re at your desk and in the zone, laser-focused on that quarterly report, and then it happens, a well-meaning coworker approaches, ready to dive into a conversation about last night’s reality TV escapades. But in a meeting room, you have a magical force field of productivity. The “Do Not Disturb” sign is implied, and your concentration remains unbroken.

Let us raise our imaginary glasses (because let’s face it, we’re all reading this at our desks) to the unsung hero, the MVP, the game-changer, the free meeting room! May it forever be available when we need it most, and may we always remember to book it with the grace and finesse of a ninja. Happy meeting, my friends!