Put simply, we want to make central London workspace accessible for everyone and affordable options out there just don’t cut it.

Motivated by a desire to improve what affordable workspace meant, Sandbox began in 2019 when Founder Charlie Gallienne-Schmidt opened location no. 1 in the City, right underneath the Gherkin, in a building earmarked for redevelopment. In pursuit of making affordable workspace not feel cheap, Team Sandbox worked hard to deliver a product that everyone, including their members and guests, could feel proud of. The battle to lower prices yet increase the quality of our workspaces is an ongoing process that we continue to refine and one that we do not take lightly. We can confidently say that our locations offer the best value proposition in London, and our favourite question we receive when showcasing a space is, “What’s the catch?”

Today, our members range from individuals to teams of 100+ people. They all have access to a variety of playfully stylish, functional, but, most importantly, affordable workspaces in central London.



Build to exceed expectations and go above and beyond to help people. Our mission is not just about filling vacant spaces but also revitalising communities and fostering growth. By repurposing these buildings, we aim to create vibrant hubs that contribute to the economic and social fabric of Central London.


If we are happy, our community will be too. At Sandbox, we recognise that a positive and supportive environment is essential for fulfilment in the workplace. Through tailored programs, events, and amenities, we strive to cultivate a culture of joy and satisfaction within our spaces.


Be affordable but never cheap nor second-rate. At Sandbox, we believe in delivering exceptional value without sacrificing quality. Our commitment to excellence is steadfast, ensuring that every aspect of our workspace, from design to amenities, is of the highest standard. Compromise is never an option.


We can’t afford to buy cheap things, and at Sandbox, we simply can’t. The saying “Buy cheap, buy twice” holds true, especially in commercial settings where wasteful decisions are not an option for our affordable business. Beyond our own interests, the issue is much bigger than just us.


Work smarter, not harder. At Sandbox, efficiency is key. We believe in streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary complexities to maximise productivity and minimise cost. By adopting lean practices, we empower our team and our members to focus their energy on what truly matters.