Words by Suzie Miller

You could say we are biassed seeing as we work in the industry but I would recommend everyone to work in a coworking space at some point in their career.  It’s a great place for connecting on a business level and meeting like minded people that you might not come across in your everyday life.  At Sandbox, being in the industry ourselves, it’s safe to say a lot of friendships are formed in coworking spaces!

It’s all about providing a new way of working by creating spaces for people to meet, interact and enjoy in a way that would be impossible in a more traditional office lease. 


One of the greatest benefits of coworking spaces is the opportunity for collaboration! At Sandbox we love knowing we have floors of businesses working together, we always see new collabs between our tenants popping up on our instagram. You’d think a drinks brand and washing up liquid brand collabing probably wouldn’t make sense…and the only reason for it? They are next door neighbours! They are able to share each other’s knowledge and leverage each other’s skills to mutually benefit from the partnership.

Expansion of Professional Network

At Sandbox we think this is a really important one, whether it be putting on a founder’s breakfast or summer social, we strive to provide a platform for businesses to connect.  It doesn’t need to be in a formal setting, with name tags and million pound investment opportunities.  The laid back setting allows people to forge meaningful connections and then maybe grab a coffee the next time they are in the space together. Networking events are guaranteed to open new doors to opportunities and hopefully enhance your professional growth!

Knowledge Sharing and Learning Opportunities

At Sandbox we want to foster an environment which allows people to share knowledge and hopefully learn something from one another. Since coworkers come from diverse fields and industries, there is a wealth of expertise and insights on your doorstep. Engaging in discussions, attending workshops, or participating in skill-sharing sessions can expose individuals to new ideas, industry trends, and best practices. The exchange of knowledge can inspire creativity, enhance problem-solving abilities, and provide valuable learning experiences.

Emotional Support and Motivation

The traditional office environments can sometimes be isolating, leading to decreased; productivity and motivation… Coworking spaces, on the other hand, offer a vibrant community that can provide emotional support and motivation. Who doesn’t love walking into work, seeing your fave member in the space and going over and having a chinwag before you start your day. After a rubbish commute or a day when you’re just not feeling it, coworking spaces offer you the time to de-compress or vent in a communal area before you head up to your office.  We love putting on events for our Sandbox members, whether it be social, a workshop/talk or networking mixers it all helps to foster a sense of belonging and hopefully promotes overall well-being!  

Flexibility and Global Connections

Another big thing people forget is how flexible and global coworking spaces are, you can pretty much go to any major city, even town and they will have a coworking space. Gone are the days of landing in a city and finding the nearest coffee shop, you are now fully equipped with renting a desk for however long you need with no disruption to your working day. This again allows global networking in coworking spaces, individuals can connect with professionals from different cultures and backgrounds, gaining valuable insights into international markets and expanding their global reach. Pretty cool if we say so ourselves! 


Networking in coworking spaces offers a plethora of benefits from professionals seeking to grow their careers and businesses to just making a meaningful connection! Here in Sandbox we want to create a collaborative and vibrant environment which can lead to new business opportunities, foster personal and professional growth, and connect individuals with a diverse range of industry experts. The continual rise of coworking spaces shows the importance of having networking opportunities within these spaces and the positive effects they create!