Words by Ethan Altern-Bance

At Sandbox we strive to create a fun and friendly atmosphere for our tenants. And you know what adds an extra layer of enjoyment? Taking a break from work to share some good times with your colleagues. Pause your work, close those laptops and let us recommend some fun activities to do after work near Sandbox. 

Big Bakes

Bake off-season is always well anticipated month, and we are living for it. But have you ever sat there and wondered if your imaginary showstopper would get the handshake from the one and only Paul Hollywood? Led by some of the top patisserie chefs in London, this unique experience lets you and your colleagues put your baking abilities to the test. No matter if you’ve never picked up a spatula, or are a regular in the baking aisle, everyone gets a fair chance. Plus theres a new theme every month if you want to make this a regular. And a little tip from us, a few drinks beforehand can make the experience a real showstopper. Paul Hollywood was not included in the experience.

Axe Throwing

Whether you want to relieve some stress or learn a new skill, AxeEperiance could be your calling. You can take part in an array of thrilling axe-throwing experiences that are sure to switch up your regular evening routine, into your next hobby. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time axe-thrower, AxEperience provides a safe and enjoyable environment for all skill levels. It’s the perfect blend of team-building, competition, and sinking bullseyes. 

The Puttshack

Elevate your post-work socialising with colleagues at Puttshack Bank! This cutting-edge mini-golf experience takes traditional mini-golf to a whole new level, combining state-of-the-art technology with a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Located in the heart of the city, Puttshack Bank offers an immersive and interactive golfing experience that’s perfect for team-building or just unwinding with coworkers. With innovative ball-tracking technology and a variety of themed courses, you’ll find yourself engaged in friendly competition while enjoying delicious food and drinks. So, swap the boardroom for the putting green and bring your colleagues to Puttshack Bank for a memorable evening of pints and putts.